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Shipping & Packaging Services in Kahului, Maui

You've found the perfect souvenir of your Hawaiian vacation, but there's no way you're going to cram it in your suitcase and risk it breaking on the flight back to the mainland. Get it to your doorstep in picture perfect condition, with the help of A Packaging Resource Inc.  We support local farmers, we provide boxes plastic trays. We do special orders for special bags. We receive containers every 2-3 weeks.

A boxing match of a different sort

A Packaging Resource Inc knows that not all things fit in a box. Sometimes you just need to start with a piece of cardboard and let things take shape as you go. In addition to sturdy shipping boxes of all sizes, we carry corrugated cardboard sheets, rolls, twist ties and twine, strapping closures and the tools to go with them. If you need to ship an odd-shaped item, we welcome your questions. Please call today! 
Packing supplies from boxes to containers, available at A Packaging Resource Inc in Kahului, Maui

Paper or plastic? It's our bag!

Perhaps you sell hand-made jewelry, or t-shirts, pottery or genuine Hawaiian leis. Whatever you sell, the people who buy your merchandise need something to carry it in. That's where A Packaging Resource inc comes in. We carry a full line of paper or poly bags, with or without handles. Your shop will look like a top class act, at working class prices! 
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